Fréhel and D

I’ve met these two lovers on a very gray summer day last year…

Him – Cap Fréhel a majestic and tall ruling over the local coast of the northern Brittany ( seen easly from Saint-Malo on the horizon ).

And Her a vibrant and delicate Digitalis Purpurea ( Foxglove or La Digitale ), she was te only touch of colour on that day.

They looked so beautiful together and i’ve wondered for how long have they been sharing this magnificent landscape…That image stuck to me for weeks, until the day i couldn’t hold it anymore and started to paint. First I drew on a gray painted canvas and then experimented with the colours trying to blend the sea and the sky into one…i’ve borrowed all of the life from this little flower and threw it into the surrounding space….is this how the first love looks like? An uncontrolled explosion of happiness and joy with no boundaries? Is this how they met for the first time Fréhel and D?

Maybe the answer is in the painting…or maybe you can tell me…

Fréhel and D * 2017

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